Child Health


Dr Indran Rajendra

What problems are treated?

Some of the more common problems treated are coughs, colds, earaches , sore throat, tonsillitis, rashes, “growing pains”, sporting injuries, joint pains, mental health disorders, speech problems, behavioural issues, headaches and tummy pains.


Dr Rajendra has treated children in a variety of settings over the last 26 years. These settings include general practice, hospital wards, operating theatre and the emergency room. He has a broad experience in child health.

Referral Network

General paediatricians: Dr Ken Maclean

Paediatric gastroenterologist: Dr Nitin Gupta  

Paediatric respiratory specialists: Dr Adam JaffeDr John Widger 

Paediatric physiotherapist: Rebecca Snowden 

Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon: Professor Melville da Cruz,  Dr Simon Greenburgh