Sports and Musculoskeletal Medicine


Dr Indran Rajendra

What problems are treated?

Some of the more common problems treated include shoulder, knee, ankle, back, neck, hip, elbow and foot injury and pain.


Dr Rajendra has undergone further study and training in sports and musculoskeletal medicine. He has worked on the field in equestrian and mountain biking events.

He has managed a large number of patients with shoulder, neck, knee, ankle, foot and other joint problems. Many of these problems have been related to sports but many have occurred from normal life activities.

Dr Rajendra has carefully selected a referral network to work as a team in the treatment of injury and disease.

Referral Network

Orthopaedic surgeons: Dr Andrew Leceister, Dr George MurrellDr Nick Hartnell 

Neurosurgeons: Dr Michael Donellan, Dr Ralph Mobbs, Dr Mark Sheridan

Rheumatologists: Dr Tien Tay, Dr Gotis-Graham

Physiotherapists:  Dallas Wilson, Les Alford 

Pain Management: Dr Derek Leaper 

Psychologist: Bruce Schubert

Exercise physiologists: Laura Byfield, On Trac Health

Dietitians: Sonja Veyerman

Podiatrists: Marcella de Beck