Bruce Schubert



Bruce Schubert is a Registered Psychologist. He began counselling when his whiskers were still quite black!  And so, has been helping individuals, couples and families work through problem issues for more than 30 years.  His formal qualifications are a Masters Degree in Arts (Psychology) and a Graduate Diploma in Counselling.

Bruce describes the counselling process as, “helping people find a pathway out of their mess.”  To do this a client-centred approach is used that includes Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy but also a listening ear, a genuine and transparent manner and non-judgemental approach to all problems and persons.

Bruce describes his personal interests as, “Well fly-fishing is the antidote to human misery, so I go as often as I can.  But I also like tennis….but I am not very good at either!”

Bruce has his main counselling practice in Moss Vale but attends The Practice – Bundanoon each week on a Tuesday where he sees patients referred by the Doctors there.

Bruce is the senior psychologist with People Skills Counselling and has a website at:

Bookings can be made by telephoning 4869 3399 or by email: